Reversing Chronic Disease, Anti-Aging, Optimizing Human Performance 


Alpha Optum


Imagine you could have a conversation with your body. What would you want to know?
Utilizing state-of-the-art MRI technology, Lantu helps provide these answers.  Your body has a lot to tell you. Discover what it has to say.

a medical research practice of licensed physicians in Minneapolis providing Executive Health to select "alpha" personality clients – typically:  professional/Olympic athletes and C- level business executives


By referral only. 


"I am definitely energy levels are off the charts, my pants size has gone from a size 50 down to a 36.  Everybody can't believe I am melting away.  My arms are still 19.5 inches around, muscles are staying there, my energy levels are off the charts, I feel fantastic.  I just love it!!" - Bill M.

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