Strokes may be associated with heartburn medication

   1). Common Heartburn Meds Linked to Increased Risk for Strokes:
Interesting and ALARMING report out today in my favorite website: demonstrating concern over popular heartburn meds called: Proton Pump Inhibitors or "PPI's" If you are taking any of these I recommend decisive action on your part to better treat your heartburn (also known medically as "GERD" through natural safer strategies: 
      a. Adopt a High Healthy Fat/Low Carbohydrate Diet (Paleo is a good example)
      b. Avoid processed foods. These worsen heartburn and often have destructive preservatives which can interfere with your healthy beneficial bacteria in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract.
      c. Eat Probiotic "Live Culture" fermented foods (Kim Chi, SauerKraut, asparagus, 100%GrassFed Kefir/Yogurt, and Kombucha, etc) which are rich with beneficial bacteria/organisms which can help you overcome heartburn over time. Make sure you don't cook or heat these live culture fermented foods which would kill their living beneficial organisms they contain.

If you are dismissing your risk for stroke don't. Most Americans die from either a heart attack or stroke since they share the same origin of diseased "clogged" arteries. A serious major stroke could have you ultimately paralyzed and even unable to speak or understand speech with your life reduced to a nursing facility. While most strokes don't have this dire result some do and since they are mostly preventable I warn everyone not to risk having one.

There are other things to do besides the three points above but this would be a good start. Natural treatments while ultimately more effectively,  take time for efficacy. They are therefore "not a pill" or instant remedy. Our population's desire for pills and fast service is what has played a role in the state of health we have today. Also, there are more risks connected to these heartburn meds than just stroke.

 If you are wondering about how you could reduce your risks for strokes the recommendations above would also be a good place to start and you might want to read the second study below in 2) about how preventable strokes are and ten risk factors identified which increase your chances for having one.

2). Reducing Risk for Strokes: